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  • Rich Dad Poor Dad co-author, Sharon Lechter
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  • Anthony Robbins Mentor, Jim Rohn
  • '1-800-FLOWERS' CEO, Jim McCann
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield
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  • Tony Robbins Millionaire Mentor, Jim Rohn
  • Best-Selling Authors of One Minute Millionaire: Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Guru, Wally 'Famous' Amos
  • Jack Canfield, co-Auhtor of Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad co-Author, Sharon Lechter
  • Michael Gerber, Author of The E-myth
  • The Genius behind 1-800-FLOWERS, Jim McCann
  • Guerilla Marketing Author, Jay Conrad Levinson

Suppose you could sit down and have each of these 9 millionaires reveal all of their biggest money-making gems to you, one right after another!

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The incredible secrets you'll learn in Conversations with Millionaires are secrets you simply can't find anywhere else.

For each one of the million-dollar sessions you'll read, I came up with every question you can imagine that could help you learn how these self-made millionaires got the wealth and lifestyle you want. You'll get the benefit of all the hours I spent asking people like you what they most wanted to know from each of these money-making experts.

A number of these questions were actually shocking. But I asked them anyway, because I wanted to get every money-making and profit-producing nugget I could get out of them while I had the chance...wouldn't you?

They even answered questions they had never been asked before by anyone!

Here's just a small sample of what others have said about Conversations with Millionaires...

"Awesome! A fiery, practical, inspiring and informative powerhouse collection! Mike is a fire-breathing interviewer who pulls the gold out of the gurus. Get this book! It's fantastic!
Joe"Mr. Fire" Vitale, Author of 'Spiritual Marketing', www.mrfire.com

"Conversations with Millionaires is pure wisdom straight from the people who achieved what you are shooting for: The goal of becoming a millionaire! While other books tout theory, Conversations with Millionaires gives you the truths from people who have actually done it. You won't find better information or advice anywhere."
Chris Widener, President, MadeForSuccess.com

So, you'll get all the secrets these 9 millionaires revealed...plus you'll discover how you can start making more money in as little as just 7 days from now.

You see, I knew you wouldn't want me to let them leave anything out. So, I just put myself in your shoes. What would you want to learn most from each of these millionaires? So, you'll get everything out of them I could possibly get.

As a result of the secrets revealed in Conversations with Millionaire we are constantly bombarded with more and more people telling us how much they loved it and the amazing impact it's had on their lives. Here's a few  testimonials from people just like you...

"...one of the most inspiring books I have ever read..."
"This book is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read and I want to read it again! It has made me aware of things I have done in the past and things I NEED and WILL do in the future. Conversations with Millionaires gives you so many different stories, and each one is fantastic and exciting. I could hardly put it down and I made time to finish it within 3 days. Many great plans are in my future, because I intend to follow the words of the masters! The most important words, I believe, are "Take action!" I ordered 25 copies to share with my friends and relatives. It is great to be able to give others this book and know that it will change their lives! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, TOO!! I send many blessings to Mike and Jason for giving the people of the world this information."
Carol Gochenour from Houston, TX United States

"Gets to the heart of success...
"The interviews in this book are wonderful. I have read many books on "how to" be successful, but Mike probes deeper, and finds out what really makes these people tick. What he comes up with is a much more intimate look at successful people, how they think, not only in business, but in their everyday lives. I absolutely fell in love with Wally Amos of chocolate chip cookie fame. His attitude towards life, problems, solutions, and success is absolutely inspirational and uplifting. Thanks for a great book, Mike!!"
- Gloria Morrell from Fleetwood, PA United States

"If you desire to change your life, read this book!
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- Christy Tillery French author of "Chasing Horses" from Powell, TN

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"Jason & Mike, Thank you for such a moving book. For anyone on the fence about buying this, there is no way in my mind to justify NOT getting this book - it's FANTASTIC. The next Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I devoured it in one day, it's an amazing tool to share with others, a tremendous compilation on your parts. Fabulous questions asked, tremendous answers from the guests. I could best liken this book as an extraction of all the important juice from the minds of some outstanding people; in this day of information overload, I like the idea of saving time by not having to read a ton of books and instead get the essence of it all from this one book. I can always read more on the millionaires within once I get their main points from this book . All I can say is, Mike and Jason, have more conversations, QUICK!"
Steve Graul from Union, NJ USA

And just look at what co-author of the best-selling book series 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' and One Minute Millionaire, said during the interview with him...

"This interview is way better then I could have ever dreamed of."
Excerpt from my interview with Mark Victor Hansen

Believe it or not, Mark and his partner Jack Canfield have sold over 70 Million copies of their books!

What's even more amazing is the fact that these books are filled with 101 short stories from other people. So Mark and Jack didn't even have to "write" these books! Yet they still sold over a billion dollars worth of books and related products!

Wouldn't you like to know how they're doing it? You'll discover how in Conversations with Millionaires...

Plus, here's a little more of what you'll learn just from Mark alone:

  • The simple step you can take to become a millionaire starting today
  • The only real asset millionaires have…It's something you already have too!
  • The 7 most common characteristics of millionaires
  • Mark's magical 4-Step Formula for Massive Success
  • The miracle method that takes less than a minute...and can make you a millionaire in no time flat!
  • Mark's idea about goal setting that goes against all the "experts" advice!
  • His Incredible Secret for Creating Instant Rapport with Anyone!
  • And so much more! There's just too much to list!

And all that was just the beginning of what you'll learn from Mark inside Conversations with Millionaires.

Grammy Award Winning Musician, Kenny Loggins said this about Mark Victor Hansen…

"Mark inspires people to create a life where
you can have whatever you dream of."
Kenny Loggins, Grammy Award winning musician

(In fact, inside Mark and Robert Allen's book "One Minute Millionaire" they mentioned me and one of my own wealth strategies on pages 62 and 64.)

Next, you'll read the mind-blowing session we did with Mark's partner, Jack Canfield.

Jack came up with the winning title for the Chicken Soup series. You'll learn how he came up with the title that sold over 70 million books in this chapter with Jack. (Hint: Use this secret method yourself to get million-dollar ideas whenever you want!)

Jack is also a well-known self-made millionaire, business expert, and self-esteem guru who has appeared on TV shows like: Good Morning America, The Today Show, the NBC Nightly News, 20/20, Eye to Eye, Oprah Winfrey, Caryl & Marilyn, Terri Bradshaw & Friends and CNN.

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn from Jack in your copy of  Conversations with Millionaires...

  • Jack's success secret that launched Chicken Soup for the Soul to the top of the best-seller's list...use this secret yourself to multiply your income immediately!
  • 2 incredible ways to triple your income and double your time off...you're gonna knock your head against a wall for not doing these 2 things sooner!
  • A simple technique one man used to completely dominate his industry during a recession...while everyone else was going broke!
  • The single, most important key to getting whatever you want in life!
  • How to instantly overcome any fear!
  • The power of unstoppable self-esteem and how you can get it now!
  • Jack's secret formula for feeling like a champion everyday!
  • 2 little-known ways to automatically and instantly improve any area of your life faster than you may believe possible...both of these methods are pure genius!
  • The money-making secret Anthony Robbins never told you…about himself...and how it can catapult your income almost overnight!
  • How you can successfully use the power of the universe to cash in now!
  • #1 life defeating mistake that you make all the time and how to immediately stop doing it!
  • The best-kept secret of the rich finally revealed!

Maybe you'd like to learn how to apply these secrets to an internet business. Well, how would you like to learn the Internet secrets of…

How To Make $94,532.44 in 24 Hours Online?

Robert Allen, is the author of 5 best-sellers, Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and One Minute Millionaire. Robert made $94,532.44 in 24 hours online and in this exciting interview you'll learn how he did it & how you can duplicate his results, plus…

  • How to become financially free on just a dollar a day!
  • The secrets to creating multiple lifelong streams of cash flow!
  • 3 incredible money mountains and how to climb them all the way to the top!
  • How your own Internet fortune may be just one click away!
  • How to create a legacy that lives on and on!
  • How to quickly create financial security online!
  • The top 7 money secrets of the richest people!

And you'll learn all of that in just a few of the pages in the chapter with Robert!

"I would pay for each chapter what the entire book cost!..."
"After reading the book, I feel I owe you more money than what I paid. I would of gladly paid for each chapter what I paid for the entire book. The book has completely changed my concept of wealth as well as my strategies for creating it. After just a short time of reading your book, I was already on the Internet creating several streams of income. Thank You."
- Larry Pacheco Jr. from Parker, CO United States

Want to make a lot more money in your business than you're making now? If so, then, you must check out my interview with Small Business Expert, Michael Gerber.

He's the author of the best-selling book, The E-Myth and is responsible for the success of thousands of small businesses. In chapter 5 of Conversations with Millionaires you'll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes almost every small business owner makes and how it instantly KILLS any chances you had for success!
  • How to set up your business to give you freedom to live the life of your dreams!
  • The small incident that happened in 1952 that completely changed the way you MUST do business if you ever expect to make serious truckloads of money!
  • How to create winning leverage in any business and create massive profits
  • How to create a business that gives you more profit and more life
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors seemingly overnight
  • The 3 magical ingredients you need to have for a successful business formula

There's so much great stuff in this one session alone there's just no way I can do it justice by trying to describe it all! You just have to read it for yourself to fully realize all the benefits you'll get from it.

But, for now, take a look at what another successful business owner had to say about Conversations with Millionaires...

"When I read Conversations with Millionaires, I was floored! The people in this book understand achievement and are masters at transferring that knowledge so anyone can duplicate it. Mike's ability to draw out just the jewels from these titans is amazing. It's like he was reading their minds. Get this book! Read it over and over. It'll be worth thousands, and maybe millions to the fortunate people who own it."
Mike Brescia, President of Think Right Now Publishing, www.ThinkRightNow.com

How the Richest Entrepreneur's In The World,
Work Their Money-Making Magic!

You'll also read the interview with Sharon Lechter, the co-author of the blockbuster best-seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Sharon and her partner Robert Kiyosaki make millions of dollars every month in passive, residual income. It's what I call "Effortless Riches". It means they'll continue making millions of dollars every month for the rest of their lives whether they ever work another day or not.

Want to learn how you can do it too?

You'll learn how in 'Conversations with Millionaires' NOW!!

Plus, you'll also learn things from Sharon like:

  • The single, most common characteristic that all millionaires possess…you'll never be a millionaire without this crucial lesson!
  • The #1 Money Mistake of the Poor and Middle Class
  • How to never 'pay' for the luxuries you want in life
  • The #1 key to starting any successful part-time business…an absolute must for any home-based entrepreneur...especially you!
  • The little-known way the rich get richer and how you can too
  • How the government can actually help you get rich!
  • How to achieve the Rich Dad's Power Mindset...so you can turn anything you touch into pure gold!

And you'll get all of that in less than half of the information-packed chapter with Sharon!

You'll also get the amazing session I did with a man named Jim McCann who started the company, 1-800-FLOWERS!

Can you imagine becoming a mega-millionaire and Forbes Magazine's, "Entrepreneur of the Year" all starting with just a single telephone number?

You'll learn exactly how he did it all when you read the chapter with him.

You'll also learn…

  • How he 'really' got the idea for the 1-800-FLOWERS phone number that started his million dollar empire!
  • The 2 vital success factors of all entrepreneurial success!
  • The major money lesson you must learn from Bill Gates' success story!
  • The #1 key you must have to become a success in any business
  • How to stay extremely focused at all times…no matter what!
  • What you must learn from Jim's 2 major business mistakes!
  • The greatest success strategies behind the success of 1-800-Flowers and how you can duplicate it for yourself
  • Jim McCann talks about the power of the Internet to make you money now!
  • The #1 myth in business today…and how to protect your business by applying this strategy today!
  • How to correctly brand yourself and get customers lining up outside your door waiting to hand you their money!

If you think all of this sounds 'too good to be true', then read what this recent email from another satisfied reader says...

"Success leaves clues. Your book Conversations with Millionaires, gives the reader all the clues they will ever need to succeed in whatever their heart desires. I am recommending this book to everyone I know and come to know. Thank You for an awesome job of asking all the questions I would have (if I had been given the chance)."
Don Nicholes - Portland, Oregon

I get emails like this all the time! People just can't get enough of Conversations with Millionaires!

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"When I purchased "Conversations With Millionaires", I was not sure what I was in for, but I knew that coming from Mike it had to rock.
When the book arrived and I broke into the first page I was captivated and was unable to put it down. Mike's energy literally jumped off the pages and the way he is able to get these "Millionaires" to open up is something just short of incredible. The straight forward ideas and techniques I got from this book has my brain on overload. My idea factory is running wide open, thanks to this great book. Mike not only interviews these "Millionaires", he becomes the interview, getting inside their heads and pulling out truly life changing ideas.
If you're interested in improving your life, and who isn't, get this book and learn from the people that have "been there and done that". Truly a mind opening experience."
Steve Clack from Rocky Mount, NC United States

You've heard from other people about how incredible this book is and you know how powerful these secrets are. The real-world proof is in the fact that these secrets have made these money-making experts well over a BILLION dollars! Don't you want to get your hands on them too?

You'll even discover the secrets of "The Godfather of Chocolate Chip Cookies"! His name is Wally 'Famous' Amos and in this chapter you'll learn…

  • Famous Amos' secrets to making your ideas become a reality now!...nobody knows this better than the man who made a fortune from chocolate chip cookies!
  • How Wally legally lost the ability to use his own name and how he turned it around to create an amazing comeback...knowing this could literally save your financial life someday!
  • The #1 mistake all entrepreneurs make...you must hear this today!
  • The most powerful strategy Wally Amos uses from the great Napoleon Hill's writings! You won't believe this until you read it for yourself!
  • The biggest action step you can take right now...another must read if you want more out of life!
  • Wally Amos's central core principle of total life success!
  • A $1,000,000 success principal revealed LIVE! Wally 'Famous' Amos gives you the goods!

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You definitely won't be getting some outdated, fluff-filled, put-you-to-sleep reading here. Instead you'll feel like you're right there with each millionaire hanging on every word and getting more and more juiced up and excited with every secret they reveal to you!

In fact, here's what Robert Allen said after I interviewed him to discover his million-dollar secrets...

"Mike, your show was awesome. And your energy was higher than any talk show host who has ever interviewed me. And I've been on hundreds of shows."
Robert Allen - Best Selling author of, 3 NY Times Best-Sellers

Then after that, Robert read the whole book and offered to do the Foreword for it, here's an excerpt from what his Foreword says…

"As I read the interviews that Mike Litman and Jason Oman have compiled throughout the years, I'm taken aback by the incredible information the guests have shared. You can almost feel their passion flowing off the pages as you turn them. Almost like you're there with them, listening in on their live interview. Conversations with Millionaires is not only a book, but a guide for those looking to achieve more abundance and riches in one's life. As I said, success leaves clues. You'll find all of them as you turn the pages in this soon to be business classic."
Robert Allen

You'll read the rest of what's in Robert's Foreword when you get Conversations with Millionaires right now.

With Conversations with Millionaires, you'll get all 9 of our most popular interviews, plus all the hard-hitting, profit-generating secrets revealed in each of them!

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This specific strategy brought us in over $32,0128 in one day sales last January! It was also featured in another NY Times Best-Selling book! This specific strategy is about to take your mind and your wallet to a whole new level!

In "The Magical Formula For Tapping Into People's Hearts, Minds, And Wallets!" you'll learn:

  • The jealously guarded 4 step formula that allows you to open people's wallets anytime you wish. You say the word, they say 'Take what you wish'.
  • What famous entrepreneur Wally 'Famous' Amos personally told Mike that has performed magic in my business! Using this one strategy he shared with us has brought in over $52,193!
  • Want to get people on your side to help you fulfill your dreams! You're about to discover exactly how!
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You'll never look at people the same way as you go through this proven, and practical way to tap into the heart's, minds, and wallets of others. Warning: This is NOT about manipulation and you must use this very powerful people strategy totally ethically! In this special report: "The Magical Formula For Tapping Into People's Hearts, Minds, And Wallets!" you'll begin to live in a whole new world.

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Thomas Vilord - Union, New Jersey
As all of these interviews were happening, I was busy writing down notes for myself to use in my own life. (you'll do the same when you read these interviews.)

Here's just a small taste of what you'll learn:

  • Specific high income and wealth creation strategies
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How To Make $94,532.44 in 24 Hours Online...

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  • How to become financially free on just a dollar a day!
  • The secrets to creating multiple lifelong streams of cash flow!
  • 3 incredible money mountains and how to climb them all the way to the top
  • How your own Internet fortune may be just a click away!
  • How to create a legacy that lives on and on!
  • How to quickly create financial security online!
  • The top 7 money secrets of the richest people!

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