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NOTE: 1st: Please Save this webpage (URL) in your Favorites/Bookmarks, And/or Copy/Paste it to a Document on your Computer. So. you can find it easily, & so it'll remind you to focus on promoting, consistently, to maximize your earnings!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: On the next page, if Necessary, you can simply enter a URL of your website, in the NAME Field when you sign up. (IE: Name: )

(Go ahead and try that, if necessary. Because, you can always edit once you have an Account, by using the Log-In details you'll get via email. IE: Your Log-In In details will be sent via Email after you sign up as an Affiliate.)

Ok, now that you know to do that, please Click HERE To Sign Up/Register To Be A 'Conversations with Millionaires' Affiliate.

After you sign up as an Affiliate, you'll receive an email with your Affiliate link to promote with. (Please, Copy/Paste your Link, from that email, to a document somewhere, so you'll be able to find it easily, to promote with, in as many ways as you'd like. IE: The more you promote, in winning ways, the more commissions you'll earn!

Then, Go Ahead, & Start Promoting Your Affiliate Link Where Prospects Will See It. The More Good Prospects Who See It, The Better. (See Below For Suggestions).

===> Promoting more than once is the best way to maximize your Affiliate Commissions. (But, obviously, it's best to not overdo it, in the same place/s, too often.)

Affiliate Log In...

Here's where to Sign In to your Affiliate Account, to check your Sales, Edit Your Info, get your Affiliate/Promo Link, etc:

Sign In to your Affiliate Account HERE.

Once You Sign Up As An Affiliate, you'll receive an Email with your Affiliate Link/URL to promote with. (Simply Copy/Paste that Link, to a File/Document on your Computer, so you can find it to promote with.)

Then, promote that URL everywhere potential prospects will find it, so you can earn commissions on sales made through your affiliate link.

Here's Some Suggestions to Promote Your Affiliate Link:

* On your Webpages
* On your Blog
* On your Social Media Pages
IMPORTANT POINT: First, and this is SUPER important: Don't EVER run FaceBook Ads directly to your affiliate link. You will get banned.

Facebook is all about user experience. They don't want to send people away from their site, and you will get banned very quickly if you're sending traffic away by, directly, using your affiliate link ON Facebook.

Instead, you want to send people to your landing page first.

Secondly (and also SUPER important): Make sure all of your landing pages are compliant with Facebook's Ad Guidelines. (Google that for more info.)

(IE: Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Tobri / Sokule / Myspace, etc.),
* Email your Affiliate link, along with a good message, to your Friends, Contacts, Subscribers, Members, Fans, or other prospects, who are likely to be interested in success, making money, financial freedom, etc.
* On YouTube
* On Related Blogs, Forums, & Social Media Groups. (Please don't just randomly Spam.)
* Inside Your Own Products/Special Reports/Videos/Podcast (IE: As "Recommended Resources", etc. - NOTE: The closer to the FRONT of your product you put your Affiliate Link the more Traffic/Sales you'll likely get!)
* Or, any other ways you'd like to promote your Affiliate Link/s!

Key Point: Once you find a Winning Promotion Tactic, that generates sales, it's often a GREAT IDEA to repeat that same tactic again in the future, even often. (IE: Every 7-10 Days/Monthly/Quarterly, Etc).

HOWEVER: It's generally NOT a good idea to promote it too often in the same places, & to the same people. (It just makes sense, to not go overboard, right?)

I'm excited to see what you make happen, my friend! The difference that great info, like this, can make in people's lives is out of this world! :-)

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Thanks for becoming an Affiliate, and Happy Promoting!


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